Newton's Third Law

Law #3-For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. In the picture above, the balloon is demonstrating Newton's Third Law of Motion. The action is the air rushing downwards and out of the balloon. The equal and opposite reaction is the balloon going up (in the opposite direction of the air that is going down).
Another example of this law is a rocket. To make the rocket blast off and soar through the atmosphere into space, it needs fuel. The rocket fuel goes out the bottom of the rocket and rushes down. This is the action. The reaction of the rocket is to be lifted upwards and start flying. The result is equal and opposite because the rocket reacts by going in the opposite direction of the action (the fuel being expelled downwards). Objects can also transfer their energy to other objects. If a moving object hits an unmoving object, it will transfer its energy and cause the object to more. One example of this transference of energy is Newton's Cradle.


Experiment with Newton's Cradle. Be sure to scroll down and play with the interactive Newton's cradle.
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